Not my first rodeo

Last year I began ideating on potential products to launch and brands to build.

If I’m being truthful, this was far from the first time.

Since college, I’ve spent the last 15 years coming up with ideas and taking various cursory steps to launch a wide variety of businesses. Some people like to garden or play golf, I like to research and start developing schemes to make money.

My downfall however has always been followthrough on these ideas.

My Godaddy account currently has 34 active domains that represent various ideas from over the years and I have to imagine that is ~50% of the domains I’ve registered, with the others expiring at various points in time.

In some cases, I register the domain and maybe create a logo or blog or Facebook page and don’t take things much further.

Shiny object syndrome has defined my entrepreneurial life for my entire adult life.

I have followed through on a number of ideas though that I’ll break down in future posts.