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You can find answers to some commonly asked questions below. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can you explain the concept of this website?
We will hold 2 drawings if we reach our goal of raising the necessary $3 Million in contributions. The first drawing will be comprised of any individual who registers. The second drawing will be comprised of individuals and organizations who contribute at least $100 to this project. The Super Bowl commercial will then feature the two winners. The commercial will essentially star the winner of the first drawing in a commercial for the winner of the second drawing's organization. 

Where is the Money Coming From?
The only way we can afford to purchase a Super Bowl commercial is if we can raise $3 Million through contributions on this site. Each organization or individual who contributes at least $100 will have his or her name listed on our sponsors page. In addition, the largest contributors will have their organization featured in ads throughout this site.

What do the Sponsors Receive?
Anyone who contributes at least $100 to this project will receive the following:
 - A listing on our sponsors' page.
 - 1 entry - for every $100 contributed - into our drawing to
              feature your organization in our Super Bowl ad.
 - The largest contributors will also be featured throughout this site
              in text and banner ads.
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to appear in the most talked about ad during next year's Super Bowl, so click here to contribute now.

Do you really think this will work?
To a large extent the success of this project rests on the shoulders of you, our visitors, to spread the word to all your friends, relatives, coworkers, and whoever else you may know.

The more people who visit this site, the more incentive there is for organizations to contribute money to advertise on this site, thus bringing us closer to our goal.

What happens if the contributions fall short of $3 Million?
If this plan fails, we will donate the money to a charity organization. We are currently researching reputable organizations, but we also would like to here your opinions. It will most likely be a health related charity to eliminate the possibility of involving any political interests.

Who is behind this site and what is in it for you?
We are a group of recent college graduates who thought there must be millions of small organizations out there who would love to advertise in a commercial during the Super Bowl but just don't have the money required. Similarly, we all thought it would be great to be the star of a commercial during the Super Bowl which would be seen by millions of viewers. This website is our attempt to make both of these dreams possible for two lucky winners.

Other than that, we don't stand to make a whole lot from this site. We will take 5% out of the contributions but this will mostly go to paying for hosting and maintaining this website.